Join a Booming Industry providing Custom Mobile App and other Mobile Technologies to Businesses.

Mobile App City provides:
- Low $25k investment with $100k+ income potential income
- Multiple streams of monthly Passive income
- Full training with ongoing support
- Finance available (on approval)
- No royalties or ongoing fees
- No need to hire staff or lease a premise
- Very Low overhead business
- Can work from home
- No territory boundaries - work anywhere
- Proven track record of success

Help business owners get more customers and reduce expenses using mobile technologies - without you needing any technical skills. This is a low overhead, work from home business in a booming industry.

You'll get a full range of mobile technologies that you provide to your business owner clients. Services include custom designed mobile apps for the individual client, web marketing, social media marketing, graphic design services and even business coaching tools to make consulting/coaching income from.

We set you up with your own business so you can provide mobile technologies to businesses yet we manage the design and development so you don't have to have any technical knowledge.

Mobile App City is excited to be part of one of the world's highest growth industry – Mobile Apps and Digital Media Services for businesses.

The old technology a business needed was their own website, now they need their own mobile app. The biggest benefit a business gets from having their own mobile app is to dramatically increase their income by getting a lot more repeat business from their existing customers- without them having to spend money on marketing.

Provide a range of Mobile Technologies to businesses so you can earn multiple streams of income. Each service can earn you passive income from each client.

As a Mobile App City Licensee you receive everything needed to get started and succeed in this booming industry including business setup, face to face training, access to our design system and design teams and ongoing technical and marketing support.

Your territory is worldwide with no fixed monthly fees or royalties to pay. We do all the technical work through our online system and you can get involved in the creative design process yourself if you'd like using our easy to use design platforms.

We believe our License is easily the best small business opportunity on the market today.

Business Coaching Tools included:
You can, if you desire, use your business knowledge to consult/coach business owners using our available business coaching tools. Combine this with the suite of digital services and you can become an invaluable asset to any business owner earning consulting income in addition to income from the range of digital services.

Starting in 2011 & now with over 55 licensees globally providing a whole range of digital media services and business coaching to businesses.

Founders have over 20 years' experience in building multiple franchise concepts in the professional services industries globally.

Our vision is to help you own a business & be truly successful providing the high demand digital media services that businesses need today.

With our experience, systems & support, working together we'll make a big difference in the lives of business owners.

Next Steps:
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License agreement
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Year Commenced: 2011
Price Range: $0 - $50,000
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