Who we are

The Koalakrane franchise system forms Australasia's largest operator of coin operated amusement crane machines. With over 100 franchisees and more than 140 established territories completely filling New Zealand and a large portion of Australia, we are the leaders and the innovators in this exciting timeless industry. Koalakrane has been successfully franchising for 14 years and we have established a solid, proven and profitable franchise system that's flexible in size and investment levels. We are also pleased to advise that Koalakrane is a current member of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA).

Who are our franchisees?

Our franchisees are friendly, enthusiastic and motivated people with a genuine interest in building and maintaining positive relationships with their location owners and patrons.
• Some of our franchisees that first started with us 15 years ago are still with us today.
• Many of our franchisees haven't stopped at owning one franchise, but have purchased two or three additional neighbouring franchises.
• Our franchisees are our best salespeople - as your interest progresses we encourage you to contact any one of our franchise owners in Australia or New Zealand.

What we need from you?

Franchisees need to be self motivated, with attention to detail in order to keep the machines in top condition. In addition you will need to be unafraid to approach new locations to place machines in the future (or employ someone to do this for you) An outgoing, friendly personality is important as you will be visiting locations and talking with people during your service visits.

Our Products and Services

Koalakrane offers a business that will be set up for you, which means that you will be walking into a business that's making money from day one. You will receive initial training along with ongoing support and further training through our workshops and visits to help you succeed.
Koalakrane is also the only amusement company that is officially licensed with the NRL, Big Bash, Cricket Australia and All Blacks to produce products for our machines. This means we have a great range of product that gives our franchisees a competitive advantage. We are also very proud of our association with most of the major sporting brands distributors in Australia. We work closely with suppliers such as Steeden, Sherrin, Burley, Gilbert and Spalding. We also follow the latest movie trends, with product for movies such as Star Wars, Minions, Avengers and every major release. We have strong relationships with licensors and sporting bodies that allow us to carry products from all the major sporting codes, including NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, State of Origin, A-League Soccer, Rugby Union, ANZ Champs, NBA Basketball and more. We have a huge range of unique prizes that appeal to everyone and our design and development team are always working on more products.
Koalakrane offers to their franchisees a successful business with flexible hours that can easily fit in with your existing lifestyle – perhaps you already have a full time job, or need to fit it around looking after kids, or you might be retired looking for additional income – not a problem!


Unless it is a very big existing franchise, our prices for most areas range from $40,000 to $60,000 bracket depending on the size of the area and how many machines you start with. To find out more about expected returns and profitability, talk to us.

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