'yes' Optus Retail Partner

We started with choice.

Optus has been transforming the way Australians communicate with each other since 1991.

And from the beginning, we've stood for choice. We take out name from the Latin word for choose – "optare" – so Optus means "choose us"

We're people who focus on customers.

Using state of the art technology, we've been shaping the way our customers live, work and play for over 20 years. With a customer base of over 9.4 million subscribers, more than 1 million on-net telephony subscribers and 1 million on-net fixed broadband subscribers across Australia, we put the customer at the centre of everything we do.

Why Optus?

Our Purpose

The Telecommunications industry has been through huge changes since we began, but despite this, we want the same thing we've always wanted – to be the champion on customers.

Since we started in 1991, we've brought huge benefits to all Australians; innovation, competitive prices, better service and improved coverage.

Our Vision

Customer experience is at the core of everything we do. We've been focused on fixing the basics, and that's heled us take the lead in customer experience in the Australian telco industry.

Our Ambition

To become the most loved and recommend service brand in Australia

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Ann Woo
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Specialty Retail
Opportunity Type:
License agreement
Australian Outlets: --
Year Commenced: 1991
Price Range: $700,000 - $800,000
Visits: 1364