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Accommodation and Tourism - Charters/Tours Australia Wide, All States
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Client ID: 442550

Hi Maria,

We only listed the business on your website and a helicopter specific forum website called Bladeslappers.

I had most of the enquiries through bladeslappers yet the final purchaser found my details from your site.

We did achieve our sale price.

Your site was easy to upload photo's so I directed the people who inquired through bladeslappers to go to business for sales to view the photo's.

I am using business for sales now to see if there is a business that would suit us for the next ten years.

Murray Jones

Accommodation and Tourism - Tourist Attraction Capricorn Coast, QLD
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Client ID: 040570

John Lincoln,

As discussed I have gone to contract for the sale of my business Capricorn Coast Adventures and would like to thank you and your support team for such a great service that I would strongly recommend to any future businesses for sale to use your service.

As this contract finalises on the 17th of December I would like you to remove this business for sale form your books as from this date.

Again thanks for a job well done.

Richard Doughty
Capricorn Coast QLD

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Food and Hospitality - Cafe Melbourne, VIC
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Client ID: 429297

Hello John

Could you please remove the add for Giant little kitchen Cafe in Melbourne.

The business has sold and thank you for your help.

Josie Scardamaglia

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Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Sandgate, QLD
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Client ID: 426414

To whom it may concern,
It seems that our business may have sold – it is currently under contract. We will be in touch next year if this falls through.

Hi Kylie,
Thank you for following up. This is to advise that we have indeed sold the business – so we have had a very Merry Christmas.
I believe our buyers saw it on your website.


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Food and Hospitality - Cafe Jindabyne, NSW
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Client ID: 424542

Hello John,

I rang about a month ago to let AB4S know we have sold our business through your website. It's The Gloria Jeans Coffee Jindabyne (Snowy Mountains).

The new owners take over on the 15th September.


Accommodation and Tourism - Motel Riverland, SA
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Client ID: 438197

Hello Business For Sale,

Can you remove our business from the net as we have sold the Motel.

The buyer came to us from your site.

Thank you

Hank & Mary
Glossop Motel

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Franchise - Franchise Central Coast, NSW
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Client ID: 445525

Hi Tony,

Thanks for a great service. We sold our business within 6 weeks of listing and at our asking price. We had many good enquiries, plus a few tyre kickers but that was to be expected. We had another couple of very good qualified buyers, who contacted us after the business was sold, one of which would have purchased had the original sale not proceeded.

We were very happy with the process and would have no hesitation to recommend Australian Business For Sale, to other vendors as it was recommended to us by another happy customer.

Cheers and many thanks
Adrian Gale

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Food and Hospitality - Cafe Coonabarabran, NSW
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Client ID: 026893

Dear AB4S Team,

I am happy to report that thanks to your help and services at Australian Business For Sale we have successfully sold our Café in Coonabarabran. The purchaser used Google, found your website then was able to browse through and located our business which was exactly what he was looking for.

Now we are looking forward to our retirement. Thanks again.

Best wishes,
Bob Jackson

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Beauty, Health and Fitness - Fitness Centre Bowral, NSW
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Client ID: 427296

Thank you

but my business has sold. The buyer found me through the website. I did not receive my asking price, but I was still happy with the price I got.

Peter Jackson

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Industrial/Manufacturing - Eco/Environmental Richmond, NSW
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Client ID: 447526

Hello Kylie,

Thank you to Australian Business for Sale for you professional and simple approach to selling a business. Our business was extremely niche and we knew that the chances of finding a buyer would be difficult. We were delighted that the business finally found a buyer. It did take two years, however after a few tweaks to the advertisement (adding a purchase price) we were successful. It was worth persevering. 


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