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About Us:

MHB are your custom brokers specialising in the exchange of hospitality businesses and property. We believe that in order to sell your business, we need to understand it. With a combined 40 years of experience as hotel/motel business operators, we understand your industry, your operations and your needs.

We've also got 30 plus combined years' experience as hotel, motel and caravan brokers, which gives us the expertise you can trust. With our longevity in the industry, we know how to showcase your business to the marketplace, ensuring buyers recognise its performance and value.

With the highest-quality selling platform to highlight your business, and the expertise to ensure offers convert to sales, you can rely on MHB to deliver the results you need. Our integrity and reputation are unquestioned, and our continued and long-term influential market share for hospitality business and property sales across NSW and Victoria is testament to this.

We understand that timing is everything, and we pride ourselves on being results focused for our clients. From highlighting your business or property's value to managing contractual negotiations to the finest detail, we'd love to show you just what we can do.

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