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About Us:

ur Story
Marx founder Sara is the creative mind and driving force behind the Marx Real Estate Team. Her passionate and holistic approach is one not normally seen within the selling arena, but one which sees her driving her brand to "sell real estate differently" in order to hit the targets for the Marx clients.

Sara's enthusiasm for helping people, empowering and working with like minded people and her love of real estate was the catalyst as to why Marx Real Estate was created in 2016.

Our Brand
The Marx brand was born out of a creative solution to remind Sara and her team why the business was formed and to be a continual reminder of the importance of the Marx Culture.

The rustic nature of the Barossa created the basis of the thoughts for the vision behind the brand. The Barossa "Be Consumed" adverts were being continually played and the raw earthiness as well as the openness of the advertising drew me to think more deeply about what a brand can mean...This thinking led me towards knowing that we are hitting a target for a vendor as well as a purchaser – like a marksman or a hunter.That our job is to hit a target for both parties and to do it with precision and accuracy. There also needed to be an "X" within the name, because it was about "x" marking the spot or target, about finishing what we have started and about being happy with the result.

The brand Marx was therefore born from a desire to drive the staff and clients forward on their journeys and to empower those who work with us to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our Values
– Enthusiasm and passion for real estate
– Honesty
– Leadership
– Accountability
– Quality
– Respect
– Persistence

This is our simple pledge to provide and give the best service that we can for all of our clients.

Our Culture
The culture of Marx Real Estate is incredibly important and will always remain so.
Our goal is to provide an environment that nurtures and assists its staff to grow and to continue to inspire them to strive for excellence with in the industry of Real Estate in order to provide a supportive, nurturing and positive outcome for our clients.

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Sara La Nauze
45 Murray St
Angaston SA 5353

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