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GSE Business Consultants specialise in selling cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

If you are looking to sell through somebody that has specific experience in the hospitality industry then I would love to hear from you.

In my opinion running a cafe cannot really be compared to running many other businesses. From the outside it can look like a dream lifestyle business but for many people that's not the reality. The first cafe that I setup and run for 11 years certainly didn't improve my lifestyle in the early stages!

With all the blood sweat and tears that you've put into running your cafe during the time that you've owned it it's really important that you sell for the right price and get a fair reward for all of your hard work.

During the time I have spent building up and selling cafes I learnt a lot of valuable lessons. I soon realised that whilst you can make a good living running a cafe the real money is made by increasing their value and selling them on.

It's no secret that a business which is well prepared for sale generally sells quicker and for more money. Organisations such as the Exit Planning Institute suggest that a business with a well planned exit can be worth as much as 50-100% more than an unprepared business.

In my experience I have found that this exit planning process works just as well with cafes and I have developed a system that is designed specifically for food businesses.

However you decide to proceed with the sale of your business, if you do nothing else then look into how you can best prepare your cafe for sale. Even if you went through the process and increased the value by 20% imagine the difference that money could make to you.

Feel free to contact me for a confidential chat about your business sale at anytime.

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