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About Us:

After establishing as an independent real estate company almost 20 years ago, ForceOne business Brokers was added under the operation utilising business network developed through various transactions.

Strong influence from Chinese sellers and buyers of business which started about 10 years ago has become one of the factors for ForceOne Business Brokers to become the leading operators of the industry.

Business owner, Jennifer Yan, has an extensive business network not only in Queensland, Australia, but also, in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and some other South East Asian countries.

Closely watching the changing rules and regulations of the Migration Department to welcome migrants to Australia, ForceOne Business Brokers continues steady expansion of its business.

ForceOne Business Brokers has always been providing most updated information and reliable services to our clients. That's why with us, you can sit back and get relaxed. We will hold your hand and guide you through every aspect of the transaction.

Thinking of selling or buying? Call us today and find out our professional service!!

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Jennifer (Yonghui) Yan
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