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Buying a Business - Undertaking Due Diligence

Undertaking due diligence on the business is one of the most critical processes needed to eliminate risk when buying a business. Undertaking due diligence means thoroughly investigating what the selle...

By Sharon Robson 17/06/2022
Key documents you need before buying or selling a business – Memorandum of Understanding

The next step after signing the confidentiality agreement is to obtain some information about the business, so you can decide if you would like to negotiate a sale price and the terms of the transacti...

By Sharon Robson 10/06/2022
Australian Franchised Businesses Positive About 2022

Business is looking up in 2022 according to many of the more than 1000 individual businesses representing 83 franchise systems in the first national survey of Australian franchisees. The Australian F...

By Franchise Council of Australia 11/03/2022
Important financial dates in 2022

Make sure you and your business are prepared for the year ahead. Find out the important financial dates for 2022. Keeping on top of due dates can help you keep your business running smoothly. Take no...

By 04/02/2022
8 Preparation Tips to Negotiate with Confidence

HOW TO NEGOTIATE WITH CONFIDENCE PART 1: Being in business provides many opportunities to negotiate. The aim of negotiation is to settle differences and achieve some sort of compromise or agreement. ...

By Sharon Robson 22/12/2021
Support to help your business go digital

Navii can provide tailored advice to help your business take the next step to go digital. Do you want to increase your productivity, reach a larger audience and grow your business online? Navii can h...

By 27/08/2021
How to buy a Business without Money

Buying a business can be difficult if you don’t have the funds.   There are ways to buy a business and settle on the transaction without the funds and without spending your own money,...

By Sharon Robson 31/05/2021
Supporting franchises with improved access to information

We have updated our information to make it easier for franchisors and franchisees, including prospective franchisors and franchisees, to access information and support. Are you interested in buying a...

By 18/05/2021
Be COVID fraud aware

We have developed a guide help you recognise common scams and share tips on how to protect your business and customers. Scammers target small business owners as they recognise they are busy and usual...

By 23/04/2021
Franchising: Is it for you?

A franchise can seem like a safe way to buy your own business. However, in reality, it comes with specific risks and challenges that you should understand and investigate before signing a contract.&nb...

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