Get Noticed by Sellers: How to send enquiries? cover image
07 May 2024

Get Noticed by Sellers: How to send enquiries?


Last month, we hit a new record for the number of buyer enquiries sent in a single month.


After reviewing what the most successful buyers wrote, I noticed a standout trend.


Personalizing your message really makes a difference. 


So here’s how you can do it:


  1. Customize Your Greeting: Use the seller’s name if it’s available. A simple “Hi (Seller Name)” immediately sets you apart.

  2. Ask Specific Questions: Show you’re keen to understand the business by asking about specific details not listed.

  3. Add a Personal Note: Selling is often as personal as it is financial. Share something about yourself that connects with the business, whether it's a shared passion or admiration for what the seller has achieved.


Example message that you can use:

"Hi [Seller’s Name], I’m [Your Name]. I'm really intrigued by the great business you have built. Could you share why you're considering selling? Excited to learn more."


And remember, there’s no length limit for your first message, so feel free to include more about your background.


Start using your new message by searching for businesses here.


Pro tip: You can save time by creating a buyer's profile that saves and autofills your message on all the enquiry forms.