What does the coming Silver Tsunami mean for you? cover image
13 Jun 2023

What does the coming Silver Tsunami mean for you?


Good afternoon business buyers,

This week we had 439 new businesses listed.

As you know our mission is to help you find your perfect Business For Sale.

So today we break down:

  • What is the Silver Tsunami that is coming?

  • Plus the most interesting new businesses this week

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Most Interesting Business For Sale this Week:

Iconic Noosa Glamping Business?

Yrs Building This Unique Family Business We Are Reaching Out For Expressions Of Interest. Price: $500k.

Urgent Sale Pizza Shop?

A restaurant that reimagines classic Italian comfort foods with a refreshing plant-based twist. Based in trendy West End, Brisbane. Price: $99k

Cruise & Charter Business in Newcastle?

Live the water life on Lake Macquarie and Newcastle with passenger cruises including 3 vessels worth $1.325m. Price: $1.675m

Your own Ballarat Bookshop?

The historic 3-storey 1870s redbrick building includes a fully self-contained 1-bedroom apartment. Price $850k Building + $100k Business

Popular SUBWAY Shop in WA?

Be part of a winning brand with a shop in a great location outside a busy shopping centre. Price: $120k

Your own Craft Beer venue?

The Pourhouse is run under management in Maitland near Newcastle, NSW. Price: $285k

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What is the Silver Tsunami?

We all know a record number of Baby Boomers are retiring in the next 10 years.

The current age of the Baby Boomer generation is 59-74 years old.

And the ABS estimates that around 800 Baby Boomers are retiring every day.

I want to buy a business so why do all these statistics about Baby Boomers matter??

This generation own 40% of all the small businesses in Australia.

That is around 420,000 small businesses that need to change hands in the next decade.

A whole generation of business owners is about to retire.

This ‘Silver Tsunami’ will be one of the largest wealth transfers from one generation to the next.

From your local mechanic to the smash repair centre, to the tyre wholesaler.

Whole industries are going to have opportunities for buyers to take over these enduringly profitable businesses.

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