DPA+MMM1. Mixed Billing multi dr GP. Newcastle.

Newcastle NSW
Asking Price $600,000
* Estcirca 90 yrs
* Approx 6x FTE GPs -65/35%
* Mixed Billings practice+/-$3.8M pa
* ACGP accredited training clinic (1.5 FTE regs at any time)

All FellowedGPs are independent contractors on current contracts &the regs are employees on 55% + super. Vendor is seekingto sell&retire in the next year after running this practice for 35 yrs!Hegeneratedabout 30% of the gross, so an idealbuyer is a GP who can take over the vendor's pts post transition. Now he is wkg 3.5 days a week so the business isless reliant upon his income. During thetransition period, vendorsdays at practice willreduce to2 days/wk before he completely retires.

The 4-units-in-1clinic (w/ 9x car parks incl a disabled car bay + 2x lockable garages), is rentedw/4 yrs remaining + 5 + 5 yrs terms, at $192K pa +GST + on-costs. There is a cash bond in place of about $56Kwhich the incoming owner will have to replace. 1012m2 of space =7x CR's,1xsingle bed tx rm,staff rm, 2x offices for the F/T PM, 2x FT RN's (doing tx rm +care plans) w/an admin team of 8xp/t + cas.

Getting PIPs, WIPs+ SIPs, there are 2x accredited trainersso when the vendor retires, there will be 1x.

Located on a bus stop for pt convenience,this clinic is about to become more desirable as a private hospital is currently under construction 100m away; which should completein 2024.
* 10 drs - all P/T - get 100% of their income &then are invoiced fortnightly for their 35% fee spit
* Drs very stable, some there over 20 yrs
* 2 regs will be replaced by another 2 in Feb 24
* Path elsewherein the bldg so no income from path
* 1x p/t dietitian
* The current PM is lovely &the business stable
* The bldgwas purpose build as a MC w/2x apartmentsupstairs. One is used asanoffice &other was used as a residential unit for $25K pa
* Rent is $182,640 pa + GST

Clinic isopen every Satmorning w/ 1xGP wkgon a roster for this shift.

The Regs workMon/Tues/Wed/Thurs +Thurs/Fri - full days.

Level 1 finishesAug 2024, level 3 remaining &undertaking exams in 2024+a new defense force regmay be joining soon!

Serious vendor encourages offers!

Sally Stuartsally.xxxxx
CA link:https://xxxxx-for-sale/listing-enquiry/?listingid=35923b7e-3aa7-41cb-8360-32a6c2688098

Details of thisbusinessare confidential &disclosure is subject to completing a CA. Purchasers are required to make their own enquiries in order to verify the infoprovided.

Ref: NSW10381
Ref: NSW11102
Timestamp: 2024xxxxx
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