INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - Certified Organic Products

Melbourne VIC
Asking Price $1,000,000
About the Opportunity

• A rare opportunity to be a part of a fully Start up brand and E-commerce business in the beauty & wellbeing space. ?

• At the heart of this business is the innovative product - 100% organic Women’s Feminine Hygiene product

• Current vendors have spent time and energy ensuring its high-end, feel-good nature and purpose.

• The business specialises in eco-friendly material that is gentle on sensitive skin. ?Research, development and EPA approvals have already been completed and obtained for the business to take off with not a cost to spare.

• The time has come for the business to take the next step in its growth cycle and look to execute its distribution strategy - getting physical products onto shelves at pharmacies, supermarkets and retail outlets at the same time growing its online sales through digital marketing, branding or influencer marketing.

• The business has a need for growth capital and expertise in both online e-commerce/marketing and retail distribution in both Australia and overseas that will assist with scaling the business operations to be a globally recognised brand.

• The business possesses several competitive advantages and has a potential to grow at scale once the business plan is executed.

• Seeking a capital partner that has the above experience and expertise to scale the business to the next level.

• Would suit somebody with Digital Marketing, strategy and distribution experience, existing contacts in the industry or a prime acquisition target for a business in the same industry.

Location Details
Currently Trading in Melbourne, Victoria, the business is not location specific and can be operated in any state in Australia or the World

Equity will be offered to the right capital partner that can bring the right skill set and experience to the business and complement both the owners and team’s skills.

The business is looking to raise $1,000,000 to execute plans for the next stage in its growth cycle for a 48% equity stake in the business.

Experience in Digital Marketing, strategy and distribution, and existing contacts in the industry will be looked upon favourably as the founder’s preference is to secure a working capital partner that can fulfil some of the work and thus reduce the required investment to obtain an equity stake in the business.

Execute Digital marketing plan, advertising, branding, production orders and distribution to scale the business to the next level.

*For a Prospectus, please apply within and we will be in contact to assess your suitability as a potential capital partner.

An opportunity not to be missed. Contact Agent for more information
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