OMG! A unique product and business opportunity.

Asking Price $49,500

If you're the sort of person who is looking for a proven business opportunity that is fun, runs at a high profit and helps create a better work/life balance, whilst building an asset, then this business is for you.

Our vision is to help people create their own successful business and we've kept it to a price where no-one has to sell their first born or take huge risks to get in to their own business. 

Our business model means that our success is entirely dependent on our licensee's success.

We operate in a way that is somewhat similar to a franchise but is much more flexible, much less expensive to start up and you are your own boss.  You work at a pace that suits you, set your own KPIs and define your own success.  

You'll be in business for yourself but not by yourself with loads of training and support from a strong leadership team combined with a swag of other experienced licensees to help, guide and give advice if you need it.

As a licensed business, you keep 100% of what you earn. You can operate in as many locations within your geographical region as you like. You can have just one or multiple set-ups – eg. marquee, trailer, shopping centre kiosk, fixed shop - or all of the above.

At first, many of our licensees start their business as a 'side-hustle' to other work and only do OMG 'pop-ups' in farmers type markets and/or other places such as outside a supermarket or other shops, at plant nurseries, community events, festivals, expos and fetes on weekends.  So it's the kind of business you can start small and build to something very significant.  Your office can be from home and then you can operate in a range of locations when and where you like, within your geographical region.  

With 65 existing licensees around Australia doing well and two major international awards for innovation, our business is on a bit of a juggernaut.  There remains huge scope in some fantastic areas for regions crying out for this product.  We are particularly looking for licensees to start up in greenfield regions around Hunter Valley, Armadale, Bendigo, Townsville, Darwin, Brisbane, Fraser Coast, Mackay, Margaret River.  We also have couple of already developed regions available (prices vary for these).

The product is well developed and has a great following.  We are an inclusive produce able to be enjoyed by just about everyone regardless of food allergies, intollerances and beliefs.  It is one of the most accredited, endorsed and certified food products in Australia. 

Our business has grown quite rapidly and we have excellent systems and procedures in place, plus a leadership team bringing experience and strength in business management, finance, commercial law and marketing.   

You can find out more here: https://xxxxx or call us on xxxxx.  


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Client No: W1719921937 Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.
Contact this seller
Client No: W1719921937 Private sale, no contact by agents or marketers please.