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Very Well Established Window Cleaning Business For Sale

Our residential window cleaning business has been in operation for 10 years, for the last four years as a husband and wife team. We have a good turnover, a large customer base and an excellent reputation. Here are some key points about our business and what is on offer:

Over 300 loyal repeat customers, which amounts to a good slice of market share, the size of which would normally take years to build, and which keeps two people very busy. Most of our work involves servicing these customers, and most of them are serviced 6 monthly, annually, or biennially. We are busy throughout the year, including during winter, and at the end of the year - the peak time - we transition from being booked up weeks ahead to being booked up months ahead. Too much work is the norm, and there is plenty of opportunity to grow the business if desired.
On top of window cleaning we provide extra services such as gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning. Canberra is growing, and the percentage of homes with solar panels is also increasing, which means that this extra service has a lot of potential for the generation of new business - both with old and new customers.
The new owner will be given detailed files on all our customers, and we will communicate with the customers about the new owners. Since many customers book their next clean as soon as one is completed, we already have bookings until December 2020. These bookings will be inherited by the new owner. Being booked up will not be a problem.
We have a very popular website that has evolved over the years and is frequently praised by customers. We are also rated as one of the three best window cleaners in Canberra on the "threebestrated" website. These two sources provide a fresh injection of new customers, and on top of that we receive referrals from customers and contacts such as real estate agents. It is all the marketing we need. However, we have lots of proven marketing material on computer file that we have used in the past, and which could be used in any expansion efforts. Included in the offer is a pile of pre-printed flyers that can be distributed by the new owner at any time.
The new owner will receive all our window cleaning equipment, including a water-fed pole, four ladders, and a high pressure cleaner.
The new owner will also be thoroughly trained in all areas of window cleaning and the running of the business, and be given lots of training material. I am selling the business because I am planning to go and work overseas, but I am not in a hurry, especially in light of current events. This means that the new owner will have the option to hire me as a worker. This would mean that the new owner will effectively be trained by one of their workers on an ongoing basis. You can't beat that.
I agree - you don't need to purchase the business. You can start this type of business on your own, and save yourself $49,500. You will feel good about saving all that money. However, if only it was really that simple. It would be a different world if it was. A person who tries to start this type of business on their own (self-starter) will have a completely different experience from a person who buys our business (buyer). Let me explain.

Both will have running costs, but the costs of the self-starter will be higher. The buyer will have all the customers they need. The self-starter, even if they are one person instead of two, will have a big job ahead of them in getting enough customers. For a start, they won't have any repeat customers. They will have to invest in marketing. This will automatically make their running costs higher. The sum total of the marketing costs of the buyer is a web hosting fee. I don't pay a cent to be on the "threebestrated" website.

The buyer will have a learning curve to navigate, but they will be trained and supported, and will have a high revenue from the beginning. Ideally, they will be a team of two, and they will be busy right from the start. Even if there is only one of them, as mentioned above, I would be willing to work for them, which means the business will easily maintain the same level of turnover as in the past. Since they'll be busy they'll get lots of practice, which means they will be refining their skills and mastering the work. But more importantly - since they will be busy, they will be making money - good money - right from the start. They will also be piggy backing on our prices, even though they will have less experience. These are good prices that have been established and increased over time.

Having an established customer base provides numerous advantages. It removes uncertainly, as there is a guaranteed amount of work rolling in. Also, there is a huge difference between an established repeat customer and a new customer. Serving a repeat customer means (1) you don't need to do a quote, (2) the job is easier because it's familiar and wasn't completed so long ago, and (3) you may be able to increase your price from before. Taken together, this can mean that you get paid more for doing a job that takes less time. Last week I received a $50 tip from one of my repeat customers even though I got through the job faster that I thought I would.

All this will be miles apart from the experience of the self-starter. Assuming their marketing is successful, because more effective word of mouth won't kick in for a long time, they will have to spend a lot of time doing quotes, rather than getting calls from repeat customers who book in a clean without needing a quote. New customers will also mean a higher percentage of "first time in a long time" cleans, which effectively means dirtier and more difficult jobs. They will probably find themselves in situations where they have to compromise on quotes just to get any work they can get, especially given the money they have invested in marketing. Costs will be higher, revenue will be smaller, and they will be less efficient. There will be no one to guide them and a lot of trial and error. It'll be at least six months before they get their first repeat customer.

An analogy of the contrast between the self-starter and buyer would be the difference between a slow runner and fast runner who start a race at different positions. The self-starter will have incurred less debt and be in a better starting position than the buyer who spends $49,500. However, when the running starts, the self-starter will be the slow runner - much smaller revenue, higher costs, and inefficient. To begin with, they will be more of a walker than a runner. The buyer will start off behind, but they will be a faster runner from the very beginning. They will be sprinting from the start - lots of work, high revenue, and lots of support.

A faster runner who starts behind a slower runner will eventually overtake them. How long it will take them to overtake will depend on two main factors – how far behind they start, and the differences in the two speeds. My estimation is that, taking all variables into account, if the buyer puts in the work, as the fast runner they will overtake the slow self-starter sometime between three and five months after starting. They will then forge ahead of the self-starter, who will never catch up. In fact, after three or more months the self-starter will possibly be frustrated and think of quitting.

In this scenario, the self-starter didn't want to spend the money on buying the business because they thought it was either a waste of money or a risk to do so. However, they didn't realize that the price of purchasing the business was not a risk, but an investment. The investment would have enabled vastly superior conditions in every respect, leading to a totally different outcome, and it would have also furnished extra motivation to work hard and smart. The self-starter thought they avoided risk, but they actually risked something else besides money - they risked completely wasting their time and effort in a fruitless endeavour, or one whose requirements they completely underestimated.

This is a hypothetical set of scenarios, but they are both highly plausible. Would you prefer to have the experience and outcome of the buyer or the self-starter? If you are physically fit, you can learn how to operate this business. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us for more information, including the turnover and profit. You are welcome to come along for a day or more to get a feel for the job and its perks, such as friendly customers ever keen to offer you tea or coffee. At present, due to the pandemic, more people are working from home, and they are noticing how dirty their windows are - as they keep telling me. This business has proved to be pandemic proof. In fact, to me things feel very normal.

If you are interested, but you have doubts and objections, that's fine. I would rather deal with someone who has good judgment, which means has the ability to think critically. Don't get me wrong - I don't want anyone to waste my time. If you know that this is not for you, then it's not for you. However, if there is genuine interest but also doubt, there is no need to prematurely dismiss this as an option for you. Only so much information can be imparted in an advertisement. You are welcome to contact me in order to get the additional information you need to make a good decision.

Price: $49,500
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