Hudsons Coffee

Hudsons Coffee is a boutique coffee house that serves premium coffee and a chef-inspired gourmet food range within contemporary store environments.

At Hudsons Coffee we're as passionate about your success, as we are about our coffee!

This focus has contributed to Hudsons Coffee franchisees having a higher level of satisfaction compared to franchisees in other systems; with financial performance, work satisfaction, integrity, leadership, training and commitment to franchisees scoring higher than the industry average (2012 National Franchise Satisfaction Survey, conducted by Franchise Relationships Institute)


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Ali Kurtdereli
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Cafe and Restaurant
Opportunity Type:
Australian Outlets: --
Franchise Royalties: 8%
Franchise Advertising Levy: --
Year Commenced: 1997
Price Range: $200,000 - $300,000
Visits: 3986