Clark Rubber

Clark Rubber is an iconic Australian retail brand which started operating more than 70 years ago. Today there are over 60 Clark Rubber stores around Australia.

As the country's leader in the rubber, foam and pool markets we have developed a proven business model. Clark Rubber can help you building your own retail business, with the backing of a national iconic brand.

Combined with our dedicated support team and tailored local area marketing strategies you will receive unparalleled support.

Part of the success of the Clark Rubber business has been by helping our franchisees right from their initial interest in the business through the store opening and beyond.

At Clark Rubber, we provide a platform whereby we assist individuals to achieve their dreams of becoming business owners. You are invited to join our network of encouraging, passionate and like-minded people and take control of your own future.

If you would like to find out more about this or other opportunities with Clark Rubber please feel free to contact us through the Send Enquiry section or give our Network Development Manager, Dirk Heinert a call on: 0400 922 493 or email directly to:

Selena Vance
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Specialty Retail
Opportunity Type:
Australian Outlets: 60
Franchise Royalties: --
Franchise Advertising Levy: --
Year Commenced: 1995
Price Range: $400,000 - $500,000
FCA member
Visits: 2256