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If you are a Business Broker or Real Estate Agent,and you want to attract more or better qualified for your business listings,this info page is for you

11 reasons why listings your brokerage on will attract more buyers for your business listings .

Your listings are on the website with the best descriptive domain name in Australia,business buyers instantly recognise and connect with "".

Your listings are on a website that is frequently refreshed, with new businesses being added on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, meaning buyers return regularly to search listings .

You will receive better qualified leads because enquiries are generated from a dedicated business for sale website, not a "Job" or a "Real estate" website.

Your listings are on a website which consistently ranks at the top of the first page of Google for the search phrase "business for sale", and ranks #1in Bing and Yahoo.

You have your own unique broker profile page to promote your expertise, history of success, uniqueness, specialty etc.

You have 24/7 access to manage your listings as well as full support (during business hours) from our experienced team.

You can use bulk feed services from companies such as Re-Net and AgentPoint.Simply add to your list of regular websites and your listings will be automatically added and updated,eliminating the need for manual listing uploads,and therefore saving you time and money by reducing admin costs.

Your Brokerage or Agency will receive effective marketing & advertising from this website,no matter whether you are a one-man operation or have a team of business brokers.

You have package options including online and offline choices, giving you a variety that no other marketing & advertising model can offer, and all without signing a contract.

You will have an analytics section showing you the results of your marketing.

Your business listings will always be found as this site is easy to navigate, meaning buyers don't get lost or sidetracked.

What you will have