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Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Sandgate, QLD
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Client ID: 426414

To whom it may concern,
It seems that our business may have sold – it is currently under contract. We will be in touch next year if this falls through.

Hi Kylie,
Thank you for following up. This is to advise that we have indeed sold the business – so we have had a very Merry Christmas.
I believe our buyers saw it on your website.


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Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Mid North Coast, NSW
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Client ID: 442279

We had an ad with your organisation for the sale of Nambucca Boatshed and Cafe., which is shown on page 31 of the new magazine.

Please be advised you that we have sold.

We believe that the purchaser first saw the business on your website and we accepted a good offer.

Please ensure that the ad is removed.

Best wishes
Angela James

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Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Canberra, ACT
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Client ID: 449578

Hi Dante,

We got excellent exposure on your site.

The business however sold through word of mouth and we got slightly less than asking price.

Thank you

Food and Hospitality - Cafe Glenbrook Blue Mountains, NSW
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Client ID: 425094

Dear John,

I am happy to report that we have found a buyer and verbally agreed a sale. Thanks so much for all the professional service and support you can remove this advert now. The buyer did buy a copy of your magazine and it all started from there!

Kind Regards
Anne Palmer

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Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Margate, QLD
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Client ID: 431829

Dear AB4S,

In reply to your enquiry, yes I have sold my Café in Margate, Queensland. Please remove me from your Buyer Matching Service. The business was sold through the Australian Business For Sale website. The new buyer is now running the café.

Thank you
Dave and Nola

Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Sydney CBD, NSW
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Client ID: 431133

Hello team at AB4S,

Thanks for your assistance with the ad. We received a huge amount of interest and after 9 weeks on your website the Cafe has now been sold.

Please remove the ad from your site and thanks again for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,
Richard Nichol

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Food and Hospitality - Cafe South Coast, NSW
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Client ID: 422147

Dear John,

I am happy to inform you that my Cafe on the South Coast has been sold now. I would like to thank you and your team for a job well done. I was surprised to find this all happen within a month as I had been using major newspapers a costly exercise with no results.

I would certainly recommend any business owner’s who are thinking of selling, to use Australian Business For Sale to find buyers as this certainly worked for us.

Once again, many thanks.
Christopher Green

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Food and Hospitality - Cafe Melbourne, VIC
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Client ID: 429297

Hello John

Could you please remove the add for Giant little kitchen Cafe in Melbourne.

The business has sold and thank you for your help.

Josie Scardamaglia

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Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Forster, NSW
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Client ID: 441011

Thank you,

With the help of your website, we have successfully sold our restaurant.

Kind Regards,
Andrew McDonell

Food and Hospitality - Cafe Brisbane, QLD
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Client ID: 407656

Dear Paul

Thank you for your help at AB4S in recently getting our Brisbane Café sold. It was the first time we had used your services & your system of website + directory +buyer matching department did indeed prove to be as effective in reaching buyers across Australia as you claimed it would be. We received a number of enquiries & it eventuated that the buyer comes from Sydney & found out about the business through your website.

Having AB4S working for us was like having a broker on the job – but a broker that reached farther afield than just our local area & at a fraction of the cost. I would be happy for you to show this letter to anybody who is serious about selling a business & may be not too sure about who you are or the impact you guys have. Many thanks.

Yours faithfully,
Dugald McMaster

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