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Strategy 180

About Us:

Strategy 180 provides confidential business consulting and transactional services that will make a substantial difference in your financial future.

While our businesses available for sale are listed on our website, many are listed in a way that they are not identifiable to a buyer, unless the purchaser wants buyers to recognise the business. Buyers complete a confidential non-disclosure form before we identify any business to potential buyers.

Our commitment to confidential transactions runs deep. We are dedicated to helping people gain financial independence by exploring your options, controlling your own destiny, and being your own boss. We serve as a conduit of expertise which provides you with confidential business transactions to help you meet your personal financial goals.

Strategy 180 utilizes time-tested methodologies for valuing your business using the business's financial information, industry statistics and its competitive market profile. Our business valuation model provides a realistic business value based on a business's relative performance, profit and cash flow metrics.

Strategy 180 provides professional consulting in which we apply our expertise to help you determine your plan of action towards buying or selling a business. Our scope of work includes general consulting, valuations, sales, mergers and acquisitions.

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