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Independent Fitness Centre Central Brisbane
ID: 2663769
1: Beauty, Health and Fitness >> Sports Centre
2: >>
3: >>
Reference: 3301
Business Type: Sports Centre
Location: Brisbane QLD
A rare opportunity for buyers to operate a 920m2 fitness centre in Central Brisbane according to their... ... well systemised business.• 920m2 ...
Price: $200,000 + S.A.V.
Growing Home Improvement Sales and Installation Business
ID: 2662865
1: Building and Construction >> Building and Construction
2: Garden, Household Repairs and Maintenance >> Renovations
3: >>
Business Type: Building And Construction
Location: Brisbane QLD
This business provides high quality home improvements either fully installed or as a DIY installation by the homeowner and delivers profits of $453k in 2019. 2019 Proprietors Earnings $453k2019 Sales...
Price: $650,000 + S.A.V.
Innovative Fitness and Nutrition Supplements Business
ID: 2650555
1: Beauty, Health and Fitness >> Health Related
2: >>
3: >>
Reference: 3358
Business Type: Health Related
Location: Brisbane QLD
The business is a retailer of fitness related supplements and refreshments via vending machines all located in established fitness centres throughout South East Queensland.   Consistent cashflows...
Price: $165,000 + S.A.V.
Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Equipment and Consumables
ID: 2483747
1: Industrial/Manufacturing >> Manufacturing
2: Import/Export/Wholesale >> Wholesale
3: >>
Reference: 3351
Business Type: Manufacturing
Location: Brisbane QLD
This business is a manufacturer and wholesaler of specialist equipment and consumables sold to national retailers targeting a passionate male consumer for over 40 years. • supplying national retailers...
Price: $195,000 + S.A.V.
Organic Food Retailer and Wholesaler
ID: 2696502
1: Food and Hospitality >> Fruit and Veg
2: >>
3: >>
Reference: 3334
Business Type: Fruit And Veg
Location: Brisbane QLD
This business is a full service certified organic food specialist servicing retail and wholesale customers with an extensive range of products in categories including fresh and frozen food, butchery, clothing,...
Price: $195,000 + S.A.V.
Solid Import Wholesale Business with On-line Sales
ID: 2696501
1: Import/Export/Wholesale >> Wholesale
2: >>
3: >>
Reference: 3286
Business Type: Wholesale
Location: Brisbane QLD
This importer and wholesaler of an iconic Australian Brand with great potential to grow the on-line sales... ... to a part-time business owner• ...
Price: $180,000 + S.A.V.
Cleaning and Property Maintenance Business in Brisbane
ID: 2687724
1: Cleaning, Laundry and Waste Services >> Cleaning
2: >>
3: >>
Reference: 3421
Business Type: Cleaning
Location: Brisbane QLD
This business provides cleaning and property maintenance services to a commercial client base throughout the Brisbane region. Turnover consistently around $1.1M per annum• Generating profits of $243k...
Price: $390,000
Home Based AV Retail Business
ID: 2674449
1: Specialty Retail >> Music Equipment
2: >>
3: >>
Reference: 3412
Business Type: Music Equipment
Location: Gympie QLD
Specialist retailer and installer of home theatre, sound systems and audio-visual equipment for commercial... ... 50 years, this business has a proven ...
Price: $129,000 + S.A.V.
Commercial Storage Installation Business Under Management
ID: 2698554
1: Transport, Distribution and Storage >> Self-Storage
2: >>
3: >>
Reference: 3420
Business Type: Self-Storage
Location: Brisbane QLD
This established home-based business installs custom, commercial storage solutions to large wholesale storage facilities and major retail groups. • Currently running under management as the owner...
Price: $225,000 + S.A.V.
Independent Fitness Centre East Brisbane
ID: 2693113
1: Beauty, Health and Fitness >> Personal Training
2: Beauty, Health and Fitness >> Sports Centre
3: >>
Business Type: Personal Training
Location: Brisbane QLD
This independent 500m2 fitness centre is a rare opportunity for buyers to establish and grow a full service... ... 24/7 fitness business in Brisbane. ...
Price: $335,000 + S.A.V.
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