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Issue 70

An Overlooked Ingredient of Boost Juice Success

Boost Juice - the award-winning fruity sensation that brought the concept of juice bars to Australia - is the work of a husband-and-wife team, Janine and Jeff Allis. What is the secret ingredient of their immense success? Luck? Business school? Strawberry extract?

Successful people are willing to promote themselves and their value… People who struggle think negatively about selling and promotion

It's interesting to note the reactions of people attending the Better Business Report seminars. During the seminar we'll briefly mention a few of our other programs, then offer the participants special “at seminar” tuition rates and bonuses.

Have You Ever… Asked Yourself the Question, "What is Success?"

Have You Ever… Asked Yourself the Question, "What is Success?"By Louise Woodbury Co-authors of the books The Invisible Partnership and The Invisible EntrepreneurThere is no better time than today to be asking or revisiting this question: What is success? Because, if you are willing to allow yourself to speak the truth about what success is for you, it gets you off the fence and propels you into action.Last week in one of my coaching sessions, a client posed the question about a desire...

Learn from business failure and start again

Owners of businesses that failed due to tough economic times or recent natural disasters risk sabotaging future success if they ignore or dwell on grief, a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) expert says.

How to spot an undevalued business

When looking to buy a business most people are worried about overpaying for a business. You can often find this out from the financial records. 

Grow your turnover

Business owners naturally want to grow their business turnover. However, their various approaches of how to grow their business turnover arises but are unsure of where to begin.

What happens when parents buy their kids a franchise…

Franchisors are noting an increase in the number of franchise applicants who are proposing to pay for their franchise using funds borrowed in part or full from their parents or other family members.

Women in leadership - Is it possible?

Let's not kid ourselves! This is a man' s world. And the world of business has been designed by men for men. As a result, when women do become leaders they can too often fall into playing a man' s game, by rules that are not congruent with their natural instincts or strengths.

Issue 69

Working with your Spouse in a Franchise? This Book will Save you from Failure!

Working with your Spouse in a Franchise? This Book will Save you from Failure!Helen and Jim Bakasetas, franchisee partnersA lot has been written about franchising, but the experts who write about the topic often fail to realize what should be obvious: The success of a franchise depends on the relationships of those who own it. Fail to recognize the importance of relationships and most franchises run by life partners will be doomed to fail from the outset, even when they buy into an excellent franchise...

The Investment Clock

The Investment Clockby Evan Kambourakis, Dip. A, B. Com, ASATick Tock Tick Tock, what time is it on the investment clock? Interest rates have now reached the bottom of the cycle and statistical data suggests the hand has moved to number eight in line with the economy recovery phase.In the past 20 months we have experienced The Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Markets have been volatile with share prices dropping, property price corrections, unemployment rising, consumer and business...

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