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Mandurah Boat Sales is a boat sales brokerage specialising in pre-owned vessels based at the picturesque and enchanting Dolphin Quay in the heart of marine city of Mandurah, WA. Situated an hour south of Perth, this idyllic town with canals, marinas, a large estuary, rivers, beaches and fantastic fishing is the perfect location to go out on a boat. And what is better than owning a boat? Owning a boat brokerage of course.

This lifestyle based owner / occupier business is currently For Sale with a five year extendable lease from the City of Mandurah.

Live the dream while making the dream!

The Business
Mandurah Boat Sales has been operating as a boat sales brokerage at the Dolphin Quay location since 2003 and is very well known in the area. The Company is the only boat dealer in Mandurah with an office and in-water boat pens along a publicly accessible jetty. The Company leases the office and waterbed from the City of Mandurah on a five yearly extendable lease.

Although the majority of sales are made to the residents of the Peel region, customers come from across Australia and are able to access the boat inventory via the Facebook and website.

The Company is ideally suited as an owner/occupier managed business, although during busy periods multiple sales representatives may be required - usually operating on a commission basis.
If the new owner wishes to take a hands on role on a day to day managerial basis then knowledge of boats and marine expertise is advantageous but not absolutely essential. Mandurah Boat Sales is a member of the Marine Brokers Institute of Western Australia.
Boat sales tends to have a direct correlation to the disposable income and discretionary spending levels of the wider community and can vary significantly during peak and depressed economic periods. As Western Australia looks like moving into a more positive economic outlook this is the perfect time to take over Mandurah Boat Sales.

The Jetty
The seabed lease is 2,325m2 in area and incorporates 14 individual boat pens with the capacity to hold between 20 and 30 boats dependent on size. Eleven of the boat pens are behind security fencing and a lockable door to ensure the safety and security of the vessels. Each boat can be accessed directly from the jetty without the need to ferry back and forth to the vessels allowing owners and buyers to easily access the vessels.

The boats on the jetty do not necessarily reflect all vessels the Company has listed for sale. Boats whose owners are continuing to use them may decide to keep them at their own residential jetty or at the Mandurah Ocean Marina pens that are approximately 100 metres west of Mandurah Boat Sales.

The Office
The lease includes a 62.7m2 office within 15 metres of the jetty allowing customers and/or boat owners the ability to discuss deals and complete paperwork in a very comfortable environment. The office is contained in a standalone building next to the jetty which is shared with Marine Administration Centre.

The office is split into two sections as is illustrated by the photographs. The first section currently has a desk and a reception area but can easily be renovated to incorporate a small themed store to supplement income and garner further interest from passing foot-traffic. The front of the office includes significant signage as well as large window used to further advertise boat stock.

The back section of the office includes two desks, a small kitchenette with a sink and ample filing storage. There is also a side sliding door which opens next to the Marina Estuary footbridge. Dedicated toilets for the marina and administrative centre can be accessed via provided security keys.

The Company acts as a broker by selling boats to customers on behalf of the boat owners, with its main revenue derived via commission on the boat's selling price of circa 10%. Similar to a land-based real estate agent (but without the laborious licensing requirements), Mandurah Boat Sales does not own the vessels being sold, the company sells boats on behalf of their owners by providing its expertise, advertising, well-known brand and attractive viewing location with heavy foot traffic to potential purchasers. The jetty, being located next to Dolphin Quay with its waterfront restaurants and stores provides the perfect place for interested boat buyers or catching the eye of bypassing pedestrians and visitors.
Other revenue is generated from charging boat owners a monthly fee for storing their vessels at the jetty, as well as other services such as boat cleaning, and boat maintenance & Project Management services as part of boat sales.
An opportunity to turn part of the accompanying office into a small store selling boating and fishing goods would generate income for the prospective purchaser of the business.

The predominant expense of the business is the lease costs from the City of Mandurah. This was recently reviewed and re-valued to a rate of $65,000 per annum including GST. Utilities and outgoings are very reasonable at less than $500 per month.
The need for additional labour will depend on whether the new owner intends to play an active role or use as an investment without day to day running of operations. Sales staff have generally been hired on 100% commission basis in the past. Administrative and contract bookkeeping staff may also be required based on the new owners experience level.

Currently, there is one full time Sales/General Manager that is fully commission based and one Administrative Assistant employed on a part-time basis.

Further information
For more information about this incredible opportunity to have the lifestyle business of your dreams as well as historical financial documents - please contact Chris on 0400 214 354

Price: $175,000
Client No: W2034350148

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